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Here is a list of Best Free Cloud Based Screenwriting Software. This software allows you to create screenplays and screenplays for movies, shows, plays and other projects in the cloud. You can just sign up for this web-based software and then start writing and storing screenplays in the cloud. You can also invite your colleagues and co-writers to collaborate on a script in real time. This software also allows you to save the final version of the script in PDF, FDX and other popular script formats.

Where can I write a screenplay for free?

There are many free desktop screenwriting software and online tools that you can use to write scripts and screenplays. Try Trelby or Causality as they are good. You can also use the web-based software mentioned in this article to write a screenplay for free.

The Best Free Online Cloud-Based Screenwriting Tools

Here is a list of the best free cloud-based online script writing or screenplay tools that you can use:

  1. WriterDuet
  2. RawScripts
  3. Arc Studio Pro
  4. Studio Binder
  5. gingko

1]Writer duet

WriterDuet is free cloud screenplay writing software. It includes some advanced tools to help you write professional screenplays. You don’t have to focus on formatting; Just write your script and it will automatically be formatted as a screenplay. Later, you can download the created script in various formats. It can also be used to write a Right-to-Left Screenplays, Stage Plays, Virtual Reality, Books, Novels, Multi-Camera Sitcoms, Audio/Visuals, and many other projects.

The good thing is that it offers a Real-time collaboration special feature. This feature essentially lets you invite your co-writers to create and edit a screenplay with you. It offers many more advanced features to look forward to; let’s check them out!

Main Features:

You can use it to import an existing script that you can edit to suit your needs. You can upload the scripts from cloud services including Google Drive, Dropbox, and iCloud. Also, the capability to create a completely new script from scratch is always present.

You can use the numerous formatting options you can configure one with Document template, line type, borders, text style, double dialog, font settings, and many more options. It also offers a Linetypes and tools Function to change format of linetype as character, scene, action, dialogue, transition, notes, audio, etc.

After writing a screenplay, you can share it with others using different ones Split functions such as Join another project (using a shared URL), email document, share for review, edit collaborators, etc. You can find some good ones too script Revision tracking capabilities which help you view changes made to a script within a specified time period and allow you to mark/unmark changes.

The scripts can be stored in the cloud. However, you can even download the final version of your script in a variety of formats. These formats include PDF, Final Draft, Fountain, Celtx, DOCX, HTML, etc.

Some additional handy tools are also provided to make your experience easier. Some of these features are Writing Planner, Word Count, Spell Checker, Outliner, Tagger, Open Comments, and more. Another great feature of this cloud screenwriting software is the Cards & Private Pad feature. Basically, you can write scenes with flashcards. You can also use a private writing pad to post notes and useful references for future reference.

It offers a production Section where you will find options to configure various scenes, headers, footers, watermarks and other settings. You can also set up auto save settings.

Since it allows you to collaborate with other authors in real time, it also offers useful features Comments and Chat Features. These features allow you to annotate within the software and communicate via instant text messaging.

It is a feature-rich cloud-based screenwriting software. However, the free plan has some feature limitations. You can use the Pro version to access all the tools and features.

Try it here.


RawScripts is a simple yet effective cloud-based screenwriting software that’s free to use. With it, you can import existing scripts or create a brand new script from scratch. It supports FDX, TXT and Celtx formats to upload existing scripts and modify them accordingly. You can also collaborate with your friends and co-writers on the same script using the collaboration feature. It helps multiple writers come together and work together on a specific script.

It comes with a dedicated script editor where you can write screenplays. You can format the content as slugline, action, scene, character, etc. Besides, you can also highlight text, format the font, check for spelling mistakes, etc. You can also customize the script’s title page according to your needs.

A side panel lets you list all the scenes in your script. You can also add new notes while creating a script. The final script can be exported pdf or TXT Format.

You can find your entire script on its dashboard. You can also group scripts in different folders.
A dedicated trash section is also available where you can find accidentally deleted or other deleted scripts.

You can use this cloud-based screenwriting software here.

3]Arc Studio Pro

The Best Free Online Cloud-Based Screenwriting Tools

Arc Studio Pro is another free cloud-based screenwriting software on this list. It is a professional screenplay writing software that allows writers to show their writing skills for free. You can also invite your colleagues and other writers to collaborate on a specific script. Just invite users via email and then start writing scripts together.

You can configure the format of your script document using options such as element template (film or TV script), page layout, margin, screen caption, script information, and more. You can also import an existing script in FDX, PDF, Word, or Fountain format.

With it, you can add characters, actions, dialogue, transitions, shots, scenes, brackets and more to your scripts. You can also use specific hotkeys to quickly add a specific type of element to your script.

You can also use a scene navigator that will show you all the scenes that are in your script. In addition, you can configure and craft an outline by adding plot, characters, locations, etc. When you’re done writing the script, you can export it to formats like PDF, Fountain, and Final Draft.

Separate comments and reviews sections are available to view comments and reviews associated with your script. All in all, it’s one of the best free cloud-based screenwriting software.

4]Studio Binder

Another good cloud-based screenwriting software that you can try for free is StudioBinder. It is primarily a film and TV production management cloud software that also allows you to create scripts. You can import existing scripts for changes or create entirely new ones from scratch. Besides, you can also use this free software to create a breakdown of your scripts, schedule your shoots, and schedule your shoots.

To write scripts, just add a new project and then select it Write from the requested production management functions. Apart from Write you will find some features like Workflow, Production Calendar, Project Contacts, Shooting Schedule, Locations, Call Sheets and more.

Main Features:

  • It supports FDX, TXT, PDF and Fountain formats to import your existing scripts. You will find all the necessary script formatting tools that include characters, scenes, action, transitions, etc.
  • This allows you to invite your co-writer to collaborate on a specific script in real-time.
  • You can review all script revisions in a separate section. Also, some handy revision management options like Rename Revision, Duplicate Revision and Save as Template are available in it.
  • You can see employees’ comments and assigned tasks in a special section.
  • You can download the created script as a PDF or have it saved in the cloud.
  • You can also share the script via a generated URL.
  • In it you will find an autosave feature that will automatically save your script after a certain amount of time while you concentrate on writing.
  • You can filter scenes and casts in a script.

It is an advanced cloud screenwriting software that offers a free plan. However, in the free plan, you have to face various limitations such as: B. You can only save 1 project on your account at a time. However, if needed, you can purchase the Pro features as per your needs.


Gingko is a very basic cloud-based screenwriting software that also has a free plan. It can be used to write screenplays as well as academic papers, timelines, notes and more.

It is different from other listed software. You can use flashcards to write scripts with them. You can also invite your co-writer to collaborate on a screenplay with you. When you finish writing a screenplay, you can export it to formats like HTML, Plain Text, LaTeX, DOCX, JSON, etc.

Do you like its features? Visit to start writing screenplays and screenplays.

Is Trelby free?

Yes, Trelby is free screenwriting software for Windows. You can download and install it and start writing your scripts in it.

That’s it!

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